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The newsLens team
NewsLens is a research project at UC Berkeley led by Philippe Laban, a Ph.D. student in EECS, advised by Marti Hearst and John Canny. Undergraduates have participated in aspects of the project: Brenton Chu, Saaleha Bey.
Our objective is to organize news into news stories. newsLens is able capture stories across many years, across long gaps in coverage, and present them all in an visually stimulating interface. This gives easy access to the history of articles for a given story. Because we agglomerate news articles from 20 with more than half being international we hope can navigate different perspectives.
If you enjoy newsLens, would like to share feedback, share a dataset, or found a bug, you can follow up by email:
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy in short
Some information must be collected to improve the experience of the user. Any information we receive from you will never leave our servers and will not be shared with other services. Please read below for detailed information about our Privacy Policy.
Information we collect
Here is a list of information we collect about users of newsLens:
  • Each user is tied to an anonymous unique user ID. A cookie is added to the browser to link the browser to the user, the IP address is linked to the user as well.
  • For each user, we store a history of stories opened.
  • When the user provides an email address, it is linked to the user's unique ID.
How we store your personal data
Your information is stored on our server at UC Berkeley, in a secure database system. If you do not opt to give your email address, than all the information you give is anonymous.
How we use the information we collect
Information collected is used to understand how the tool is used and improve upon it. It is also used to provide a customized experience to each user. For example, knowing what stories a user has read previously, the view is updated to show what stories have updates.
Right of deletion of user personal data
Deleting or disabling cookies from our domain name will delete the User ID from your browser, not enabling tracking on our part.
If you would like to delete retroactively the data we have collected, you can contact us at:
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